Production Technology

Vickers Group was founded in 1988, mainly focused on the development of Exotic nature stone, including slabs, countertops, and cut-to-size. The blocks mainly export from Brazil, India, Turkey, South Africa, etc. Vickers has a professional procurement team to the quarries to select the blocks and does primary and secondary processing in Hualien Taiwan after importing the blocks. And Vickers provides the products to customers with the best quality.

Vickers has been in the natural stone market for nearly 30 years of experience. In 2015, the company decided to expand its business territory to the Engineered Quartz Stone. Vickers established Engineered Quartz production lines. The size of the slab Vickers produces is 3.3 meter x 2 meter (130 inches x 79 inches). The daily production of 2 lines are 600 slabs (3960 m2 = 42600 ft2). It equals to 100,000 m2 (1,076,400 ft2 per month.

Vickers proudly says that we provide the best quality and whitest slab to our customers. The reasons are that almost 95% of our raw materials of Engineered Quartz are come from well known suppliers in Europe, like Belgium, Spain, and Germany, etc.

Regards to the Resin and other chemical raw materials, the temperature of Vickers storages and production lines are controlled between 20 and 25 degrees Celsius by air conditioner. Vickers also installs ventilation equipment to reduce air pollution during producing to maintain the stabilities of raw materials and processes.

維閣集團已在天然石市場將近30年的經驗,並於2015年,維閣集團拓展事業版圖至人造石英石,並設立2條3.3m x 2m(130 inches x 79 inches)人造石英石大板生產線,每日產量合計600片石板(3960m2 = 42600 ft2), 每月產能約100,000 m2 = 1,076,400 ft2。